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We offer a selection of quality youngstock and saddle horses for sale and always have horses being educated and prepared for sale.


If we do not have something listed on our website, please contact us, to discuss our upcoming sales.

Newhaven Lilly


2002 Grey mare 14.2hh, Foundation Mare, WHSA Registered


Very sad sale of our best mare, Lilly will be a formidable asset to any stud wanting to add quality, class and movement to their progeny. 

Incredibly easy keeper and breeder, she is a fuss free mother, producing three outstanding foals for Wedgetail - all with impeccable temperaments, intelligence and trainability combined with stunning conformation, strong bone, show quality looks and expressive, quality paces. 

We have selected her colt foal, Wedgetail Fred Astaire as a stallion prospect and have very high hopes for this stallion, as, like his sisters he ticked off every trait on our wish list.

Only for sale as her 2013 filly who was being trained for pony dressage and showing great promise has sustained a career ending injury and will now join our broodmare band. This is a rare opportunity for you to benefit from our misfortune and produce an outstanding foal for yourself. 

Lilly is very young for her age, always maintaining perfect condition even in foal and with foal at foot. She has only been lightly bred over the years, and will still produce several foals for her new owner. Can be sold empty ready for breeding (has had several years off) or be put in foal to Wedgetail Varekai. 

$2250 empty or $3,000 PPT to Wedgetail Varekai

ScreenHunter_40 Sep. 04 13.56
ScreenHunter_42 Sep. 04 14.00
ScreenHunter_41 Sep. 04 13.57
Newhaven Lilly 2016
Eclipse Lily Foal 2013
Freddie website

EOI Invited Wedgetail


3yo Black Filly, est M 14.2hh by NP Fonzarelli out of Newhaven Phoenix


Stunning jet black filly, light type with no markings, Feldspar is a very friendly and gentle young horse. She has stunning, expressive, floating movement and lots of presence inherited from both her parents, her movement though, is all her own!

Although she has only been lightly handled, she is a quick learner and is a delight to train/handle. Her temperament will make her an amazing junior or pony club mount for the future, and with her lovely movement, she will be a competitive dressage pony or just a lovely pleasure horse for a small adult.


Does have light itch, would be managed with rugging, or ideal for a cooler climate. 


She is only for sale as one of our best mares has been permanently injured and will be joining our broodmare band. This is your opportunity to benefit from our misfortune and purchase an impeccably bred riding and breeding prospect.


We are looking for a kind and knowledgable home for her where she will be able to excell. 

Enquries to or 0433 307 853.


Wedgetail Feldspar

SOLD Monty



2yo, Black Colt est M 15.2hh by Wedgetail Varekai out of Newhaven Black Opal


***Monty will be an asset to any breeding or competition stables***

By Wedgetail Varekai, Monty has inherited his fathers powerful movement and presence coupled with his friendly and inquisitive temperament. Monty will mature slightly taller with a more refined type than his sire, and if we had the space, we would be adding him to our own breeding/competition team.

His Dam, Newhaven Black Opal (nee Newhaven Ginger/Newhaven Phoenix) has the very expressive and floating Newhaven movement and has had outstanding foals. Opal is the dam of Newhaven Snap, who stands at Wiradjuri Walers and needs no introduction to Waler fans. She is also the dam of Trublu Tapestry and an Arabian x son who is being very successfully campaigned in endurance.

Monty will be suitable for any of the Olympic disciplines, and like his sire could be competitive at Dressage and working equitation or make a stallion prospect.



SOLD Ringo Star



13yo Pinto Gelding, 15.1hh


Although not a Colonal Warmblood, Ringo is a much loved member of the team at Wedgetail, and has been used as a valuable guide horse for our breakers and young horses , as he is completly unflappable and a perfect lead horse out on the trials and at shows.


We have also used him as a school horse, where he has been giving dressage lessons o a young rider. Ringo is proving to be very trainable and supple, winning his first two dressage competitions and now training leg yeild, shoulder in, travers and renvers with ease and starting to develop lengthening pace. He will be ready to compete Novice in the coming months and is training the elementary movements.

He really will be so much fun for someone wanting a reliable, forward and highly trainable horse to continue to progress up the grades. He has shown capability to collect and in the right hands could school all the higher movements. This is a safe horse who is easy to handle in everyway.


Varekai colt
Monty website
Varekai colt
Edited Image 2016-02-04 23-27-48

SOLD Aroona Finlay



3yo filly by Clayton Orad out of Newhaven Four Socks, mature est: 16hh+


Aroona Finlay is being offered for sale to a very special home; and with her athletic build, correct conformation and lovely scopey paces, Finlay will make a super sports horse that will be able to excel in the field of your choice!

Recently turned 3yo, she currently stands at ~15.2+hh, by Clayton Orad and out of Newhaven Foursocks, both parents were campaigned in Dressage. Finlay is expected to mature approx 16hh and will be eligible for Waler Horse Society Australia (WHSA) and Pinto registration.

Finlay has been extensively handled and is excellent to catch, tie, lead, wash, rug, trim etc and has a very trainable, sensible and friendly temperament. She is ready to start under saddle with her new owner.

Located Goulburn. $3,500

Aroona Finlay Nov 2015
Aroona Finlay Nov 2015
Aroona Finlay Nov 2015
Aroona Finlay Nov 2015
Aroona Finlay day old
Aroona Finlay day old
Aroona Finlay day old
Aroona Finlay week old
SIRE: Clayton Orad
SIRE: Clayton Orad
DAM: Newhaven Foursocks
DAM: Newhaven Foursocks

SOLD Wedgetail Aquila



3yo filly by Wedgetail Varekai out of Newhaven Phoenix, mature est: 15.1hh+



Wedgetail Aquila is an upstanding black/brown filly who is a lovely blend of both of her parents, with beautiful big expressive paces and lovely bone.


She has been extensively handled, and is one of the most trainable youngsters we have ever worked with.


However she is a sensitive horse and needs a confident handler to give her the confidence she lacks. Once she has formed a bond and developed confidence with her handler she is a very willing, quick learning and very eager to please youngster who will make a lovely performance galloway or broodmare.



ScreenHunter_466 Jul. 04 09.33
ScreenHunter_465 Jul. 04 09.33
ScreenHunter_463 Jul. 04 09.32
ScreenHunter_268 Apr. 28 19.28
Aquila easter
Aquila easter 10
Aquila easter 6
Aquila easter 4
Aquila Easter 2
Aquila 3.5yo

SOLD Newhaven Phoenix



2003, 15hh WHSA registered foundation Waler mare.


Phoenix is a simply stunning, jet black, elegant and modern type mare who has produced two super fillies for us, both of which we are retaining.


Phoenix has very big impressive movement and has passed this on to both of her foals. She has a lovely interactive personality and is easy to handle in every way.She has gone in foal first time both times, and is a super easy foaler. She is a very attentive mum & big milk producer.


Phoenix is one of the very last horses to come off Newhaven station at only a few months old in 2003, so this is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a fantastic foundation Newhaven mare, at only 12 years old.She can be sold empty or put back in foal to Varekai.


$3500 PPT to Varekai.

Waler mare
Waler mare
Waler mare
Wedgetail Progeny
Wedgetail Progeny
Wedgetail Progeny
Wedgetail Progeny
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