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We love what we do here at Wedgetail, and aim to reflect this in the breeding, handling, training and riding of our horses. A happy athlete is a willing athlete - an essential ingredient in producing a beautiful, harmonious partnership!

Our Management Philosophy


At Wedgetail we are passionate about the emotional and physical development and wellbeing of our horses.


Having rehabilitated a number of wild horses from stations, we try to keep our herd dynamics as close to natural as possible, running a mare and foal herd and a bachelor gelding herd.

We hand serve our stallions, as they are also our main competition and riding horses, and although paddocked separately, they have adjoining paddocks with the geldings and can interact and mutually groom one another. This produces well socialised and adjusted performance horses.


Our horses run over large open paddocks and have access to grove trees for natural shade and shelter and creeks and dams for natural water. Although we sometimes compete horses with a little bit of skin off due to paddock play and grooming, this seems a small price to pay for the physical fitness and emotional well-being of our horses.


We are also committed to ensuring that our horses receive the best nutrition in their life to ensure excellent bone and muscular development to ensure strong, sound horses for the duration of their performance career and into retirement. We use and recommend the online program Feedxl to scientifically balance the nutritional requirements of our horses from lactating mares, growing foals, performance horses and spelling horses. The joy we get from seeing a herd of healthy, shiny, happy playful horses galloping across our sprawling property is more than enough reward for this investment.


Over the next decade we will continue to slowly but significantly improve our soil fertility and mineral balances to increase the sustainability of providing the required nutrition of our horses and reduce our reliance on supplemented roughage, concentrate and minerals.


Wedgetail is located on 150 acres, and leases a further 80 acres. We have sand arena and roundyard facilities, breeding paddocks, crush and day yards.




Our Training Philosophy


Our training philosophy combines natural horsemanship, classical equitation and just simply our love of horses. Our horses are extensively handled from birth and grow up with a calm and confident curiosity for the world.

We centre all of our interactions and training with the horses around bringing out their natural playfulness, curiosity and willingness to learn. We want it to be fun and rewarding for the horses, not a routine drilling. However, we place significant emphasis on correctly establishing solid foundations in their education; developing supple, sensitive athletes along the German training scale that are ready to progress in their training in their chosen disciples.


For more information about Wedgetail and our horses, please do not hesistate to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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