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Wedgetail Varekai


"Varekai is powerful young stallion, with a serious sporting future".

Varekai is a powerful stallion that passes on his presence; expressive, balanced movement and wonderful temperament to his foals- stamping them with quality and style over a variety of mares.

His foals are being described by very happy customers as beautiful friendly, ‘in your pocket babies’ that are so easy to train and take everything in their stride.


Varekai himself is a talented saddle horse and is often described as a powerful stallion that can ‘move the house down’.

He has a fantastic work ethic and is an absolute joy to ride with so much horsepower under the hood, but also willing and placid. He is the black Ferrari of the stables! 

"Varekai was the perfect choice to put over my mare Kiri. This stallion has excellent temperament, conformation and cadence. He learns quickly and is very inquisitive. All these traits have been passed on to my stallion. The first time I saw Varekai, I knew he would be the best cross with my mare."
- Sue Towell

His short coupled, correct conformation and wonderful bone produce strong athletic offspring that like their sire have good balance, natural cadence,  self-carriage, huge knee and hock action and a very uphill way of going.

If you are looking for a talented and wonderful natured stallion to add strength and power to your mare, Varekai would be hard to look past!

"Just wanted to say thank you for the terrific service and care my mare received at Wedgetail Equine. Very professional yet down to earth. And now I have a beautiful filly sired by Varekai , strong and very athletic.
One very happy customer!"

- Sharie Karnau Grace

Talara Aranda Prince
Talara's Aranda Lady
Wedgetail Varekai
Bronco Billy
Clayton Horizon
5 Heart 5 Mare
Wedgetail Varekai Waler stallion
Varekai header
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai waler stallion
Alpha Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
Varekai RDF BW
Wedgetail Varekai
Stef and Varekai winter (2)
Varekai 2]
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
Wedgetail Varekai
2021 Stud Fee: $1000
(Includes 30 days free agistment)
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Varekai stamps his progeny with his classic style, strong bone, intelligent and inquisitive mind and his beautiful rich colour.


All of his foals, over a variety of mare types are powerful and strong like their sire and are turning into althetic, versatile youngsters with all the scope for high level performance.

Those that have been started are quiet and trainable horses with their fathers lovely expressive paces.

ScreenHunter_464 Jul. 04 09.33
ScreenHunter_465 Jul. 04 09.33
ScreenHunter_463 Jul. 04 09.32
ScreenHunter_462 Jul. 04 09.32
ScreenHunter_466 Jul. 04 09.33
Aquila easter 4
Aquila Easter 2
Varekai's Xena rising 2yo
ScreenHunter_268 Apr. 28 19.28
Cider, silver bay filly
Cider, silver bay filly
Wootton Park Kyeema
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